Marine table pedestal. 60 inch round glass dining table.

Marine Table Pedestal

marine table pedestal

  • base: a support or foundation; "the base of the lamp"

  • The base or support on which a statue, obelisk, or column is mounted

  • Each of the two supports of a kneehole desk or table, typically containing drawers

  • a position of great esteem (and supposed superiority); "they put him on a pedestal"

  • A position in which one is greatly or uncritically admired

  • an architectural support or base (as for a column or statue)

  • Of, found in, or produced by the sea

  • Of or relating to shipping or naval matters

  • (of artists or painting) Depicting scenes at sea

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  • a member of the United States Marine Corps

  • a soldier who serves both on shipboard and on land

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  • Postpone consideration of

Catalina 30QBS by Coachmen

Catalina 30QBS by Coachmen

2011 Coachmen Catalina EXTERIOR/CONSTRUCTION :

* Cambered Structural Steel I-Beam Frame (With full width out riggers)
* 3/8a€ Fully Decked Roof
* 2a€ X 3a€ Longitudinal Floor Joists On Approximately 12a€ Centers
* Residential In-Floor Ducted Heat (N/A 20RD & 21BH)
* 81a€ Living Room Ceiling Height
* One-Piece, Seamless, Rubber Roof Material with 12 Year Warranty
* Easy-Trac Electric Slide Out (All Slide Out Models)
* Wall Studs On 16a€ Centers
* 1/2a€ Plywood Dinette, Bed And Bunk Platforms
* Roof Rafters, Constructed Of Residential-Style Tapered 5a€ Trusses
* 5/8a€ Tongue & Groove Plywood Floor Decking
* R-7 Fiberglass Insulation In Sidewall, Roof & Floor
* .024a€ Aluminum Exterior Skin with .030 skirt metal
* Dark Tinted (G55) Black Framed Windows W/Safety Glass
* Radius Entry Steps
* SUPERLUBEa„? Easy Maintenance Axles
* 15a€ Radial Tires (14a€ Radial Tires -20RD & 21BH)
* Silver E-Coat Wheels (N/A 20RD & 21BH)
* Painted Bumper W/Drain Hose Carrier And End Caps
* Radius-Cornered Fiberglass Entrance Door
* Painted Bottom Radius Skirting
* Amber Patio Light W/Inside Switch
* Baggage Doors Are Lockable And Radius-Cornered Grab Handle
* Rain Guttering, Molded W/Drip Spouts
* Easy-Connect Exterior LP Port - Easy Access for exterior LP Grill or Appliance Hook-Up (All Models)
* Polished Aluminum Fender Skirts

2011 Coachmen Catalina DESCRIPTION:

* Coachmen RV has resurrected a familiar name: the Catalina. Bearing the popular Coachmen RV Branding from some years back, the Catalina covers the world of travel trailers with a starting line-up of VERSATILE models! With these choices designed to fit almost any budget, we feel the new Coachmen Catalina is the most aggressively priced travel trailer on the market.
* That means ita€™s packed with Coachmen Quality, Value, Style, and Comfort!
* From the First Time Camper to the RV Enthusiast, the Catalina lineup is LOADED with Standard Features that would impress and satisfy any Buyer!!!

2011 Coachmen Catalina Galley :

* Mixing High-Rise Faucet
* Single Piece Countertop With Seamless Edge
* Acrylic Residential-Style Sink with 60/40 Double Bowl
* 3-Burner Range W/ 9,000 BTU Superburnera„? (N/A 20RD & 21BH)
* 6500 BTU 2 Burner Range (20RD & 21BH)
* Range Hood W/Light And Exhaust Fan
* Access Doors To The Dinette Booth (All Models)
* Glued & Screwed Cabinet Construction
* Easy-View Extra Large Picture Window At Dinette
* Large Pedestal Dinette Table
* Large U-Dinette a€“ 30BHS, 32BHDS
* Silverware Drawer (20RD & 21BH)
* Single Door Dometica„? Gas/Electric Refrigerator

2011 Coachmen Catalina Customer Value Package (Mandatory Option):

* 13.5K BTU Ducted A/C (Non-Ducted on 20RD & 21BH)
* Heated-Enclosed Underbelly (N/A 20RD & 21BH)
* Microwave Oven
* Dometica„? Double Door Gas/Electric Refrigerator
* Multi-Media Premium Sound System AM/FM/CD Player, Antenna and iPodA® Input Jack
* Cable Interior/Exterior Hook-Ups
* A&Ea„? Patio Awing
* EvenCoola„? Ducted Central AC with Wall Thermostat & Louvered-Directional Ceiling Vents (N/A 20RD & 21BH)
* Water Heater By-Pass Winterization Kit

2011 Coachmen Catalina Electrical/Heating/Water/AC :

* Roto-Cast Holding Tanks
* 30K BTU Auto-Ignition Furnace With Wall Ther-mostat (Except 20RD & 21BH)
* 20K BTU Auto-Ignition Furnace With Wall Ther-mostat (20RD & 21BH)
* 110v G.F.C.I. Protected Exterior Receptacle
* 30-Amp Power Cord
* 6-Gal. Gas Water Heater
* 12v Electrical System W/Deluxe 110v 45-Amp Power Converter
* 12v Demand Water Pump
* Systems Monitor Panel
* Hook-Up For City Water
* Double 20-Lb. Propane Gas Bottles W/ Regulator

2011 Coachmen Catalina INTERIOR AND DECOR :

* Jack Knife Convertible Sofa
* Residential Furniture
* Crank-Up Digital TV Antenna With Signal Booster
* Cable Hook-Up With RG6 Coax Cabling
* Easy-Spin Entertainment Center w/TV Hook-up & 2 BR Speakers (27BHS, 30BHS & 32BHDS)
* Marine Grade Table Leg And Pedestal Base
* Valance & Lambricans Window Treatment (Living Room)
* Brazilian Cherry Cabinets W/ Black Accent Trim
* Large 45a€ Dinette Tabletop (slide-outs only)

2011 Coachmen Catalina Options :

* Camper Kitchen 30BHS & 32BHDS
* Free Standing Dinette 29RKS & 29RLS
* Front Diamond Plate
* Spare Tire And Tire Carrier W/Vinyl Tire Cover
* CSA Standards
* Coa-Cube Futon Bed IPO Lower Bunk (32BHDS Only)
* Hide-A-Bed Sofa (29RLS, 29RKS, 30BHS, 32BHDS)
* Outside Marine Grade Speakers
* Full Wall W/Pocket Door and Wall Mirror (22FB & 26BH Only)
* Customer Value Package W/15,000 BTU AC

2011 Coachmen Catalina Bedroom :

* Premium Evergreen Sleep System
* Under-Bed Storage, Bed Lifts Easily On Gas Strut

The View From Hill 55

The View From Hill 55

by Flora Lewis

DA NANG, Vietnam - They had come up to Hill 55 the night before, for a three day "rest." The bombers and artillery were working over the fields below, raising heavy smoke a couple of miles away. But that was a lot futher than the 30 to 100 yeard away that Lima Company's artillery observer usually had to set as the target when he called in the fire support.
 The lucky members of Lima Company, 26th Regiment, 3rd Marine Division, had been out chasing the enemy for 70 consecutive days with a break no more than 20 hours on board a patrol ship. They considered themselves lucky because of the 240 men who started on the operation, which "didn't even havea name," the lieutenant compained, 140 were still there.

 All they had to to do for three days now was sit around their tent on the dusty hill top, drink beer, and spend one night in the lines when it was their turn to guard the camp. So they didn't mind talking, although there was still a tendency to duck for cover when the 105's went off, working out range for the night ahead.
"we;ve been hearing noise that close, but coming the other way, for so long that we can't help ducking first and thinking after," a corporal explained/
"This is the best, fightingest company in the whole Marines," said Lt. Leslie Johnson of Richmond, Va., the artillery observer.
The men smiled shyly. "If you don't do it, nobody else is gonna do it and it's gotta be done," said one.
"I'd like to assault Berkeley College next. If they could just come out here one day and see what it's really like," said another, "They wouldn't be out demonstrating."
"we found bllod and rice and University of California sweatshirts they sent out in the Viet Cong caches," said another, "that's what else the demonstrators do."
"We've got a lot of buddies out there who'll never get home," someone said. "Somebody's got to pay for that. Sure we've had enough, we've all had enough, but if we're here, we should fight. They're bleeding the Marines to death."
They came from all over, but they all said the same things/ There was Lance Cpl. Melvin Coleman of Dalls, Cpl. Joseph Garcia of Denver, Cpl. Glenn Inman of Kansas City, Lanc Cpl. James darnell of Daytona Beach, Lance Cpl. Lewis Sullivan of Brooklyn, Lance Cpl. Robert Arce of San Diego, Cpl. Norman Reed of Chicago, Cpl. Joe Botelhar of Plymouth, Mass.
No two from the same state.
"But we've learned to live together, we get along, "Reed said quietly. He was one of the two blacks in the group.
Paris? Peach talks? They shuffled a bit. Garcia spoke for them this time.
"It's going to take a good man to pull thos Paris talks out of the bag. What were they talking about while we were out there losing men The table shape. The United Staes has to hold its prestige. They're just not going to knock it off the pedestal."
"We're fighting with our hands behind our backs," said Inman, who has two Purple Hearts and a Silver Star.
"Yeah," Said Arce, "when we see a good we have to get permission to go shoot/ They say no it's a civilian, and then you go on and he shoots you in the back."

"Remember that village we went through the other day, all friendly and nice. That's where the mortars came from the same night. They must have measure out the distance to us and drive in the stakes that afternon, right while we were making camp,"some said.
"Pacification is bleeding us to death. We're fighting the VC's kind of war and who makeus? South Vietnam, that's who. Why should we? We can lick 'em only they got to let us shoot gooks, not wait till they shoot first."
That's how it is in the field. Bitter, hurting, but figting mad/ there isn't and wrenching conflict about the irony of being killed while they're tallking about peace in Paris/ Paris is half a world away. Here there's war, and whether they see him or not, the Marines know by their casualties where the enemy is-a few yards away.

marine table pedestal

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